Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Mussorgsky;Song cycles and other songs

Once I came to Mussorgsky I explored his other works and soon came to the more or less complete repertoire sung by Nesterenko; Here hos recording of Songs and Dances of Death.

Next is an excellent performance of Savishna and here you can see that not only the composer, but also the performer can bring forth the ability to empathize with other people

Here the Song and Dances of Death by Galina Vishnevskaya with Rostrapovich on Piano.

Shostakovitch really appreciated Mussorgsky and orchestrated the cycle in an excellent way. Also sung by Galina Vishnevskaya

Here the last two songs from the same cycle sung by Dmitry Hvorostovsky.

Next ; Cradle Song, Magpie Whitesides Night, Where Art Thou, Little Star, Street The Urchin aka Ragamuffin Yarema's Song aka On the Dnieper;
Galina Vishnevskaya 
Russian State Symphony Orchestra 
Igor Markevitch

Then there is another song cycle called Sunless, which is rather 'Dostoevskian'  and the melody is very subtle. Also sung by Galina Vishnevskay

And then there is the song cycle called the Nursery, which is very original.
I know very well the excellent version by Boris Christoff, but can't find it at the moment, so here an old version 

And here a recent version

Then there are plenty of other songs which I will present in due time

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