Sunday, 21 June 2015

Ray Davies; The Twentieth Century Man

How do I come to the Kinks? And to Ray Davies? And to the song 20th Century Man and so the title of my blog
Apart from hearing their hits in the sixties, one of my friends was a real fan around the time of their album Arthur. It was only when visited my ex-girl friend that when they (she with her new boyfriend) were out that I went through their music and discovered Muswell Hillbillies and I really liked it. 
Even then it was only when I was in England that I started to really appreciate not only the music, but their texts and their message etc. That was around the time of Sleepwalker, Misfits etc.
After they stopped, Ray Davies went on with Storyteller in which he tells the story of the Kinks and I went to see it two or three times. It is an interesting story, and intimate and at the same time fun.
After that a few more solo albums which show very much all where the Kinks were about. 
Here a great performance by Ray Davies

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