Sunday, 22 May 2016

Romanesque Art 6a; St Lizier

Here some photos from the capitols in where animals were depicted. And I went clock wise around starting  once you come form the church.

No 3 north

No 4 west

No10 west

No 10 north

No 16 north;Daniel and the lions


No 18  north: 

No 18;north;Daniel and the two lions

No 19 North

No 19 Close up

No 19 West 

No 15 West

These are frescoes from the chapel right of the main cupola;
 I cannot understand why they are not well known ; they are rather beautiful.
right side and top 


right side again

Left side and top

right side

right side; top right


top left

top left right side

right side;t op left

right side top middle

Next we took some photos form small sculptures at the bottom of the pillars at the back of the church; they are cute

green man

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