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Romanesque Art;Part;2 :Vezelay, Autun and Saulieu

In the same year (1988) we went to Bourgondy and took the opportunity to see Vazeley, Autunn and Saulieu.


In Vezelay it was very sad that we could not experience to go through the main door, but had to go through the side door.

See original image

See original image
See original image
What was most impressive was the impression one would get if one comes through the front door (the above picture). The black /brown and the light grey contrast in the pillars and arch.


See original image

It is famous for its beautiful sculptures ;see
and we liked most the one below.


When you come in then there are in front of you 10 capitols not counting the one on your left and the one on your right , which you see only on  your way back out.

The first one on the left is Bileam with his donkey


The  first on the right depicts the Resurrection.

Then the next one on the left is the Temptation


The next on on the right is the hanging of Judas



The next one on the left is a pair of animals

Then the next one on the right is the flight to Egypt



Then the next one on the left are birds, but the capitol is very damaged.

Then on the right comes the piper

Then on the left comes an acanthus, of which I have no picture.
And then on the right comes the last, which are ferns.
These last two are at the entrance of the nave. and are against the wall.

If we now turn around and go back through the centre, (later we will go through the side aisles) then on the left we have (on the back of no10) the one with the owl
and on the right the one with the wolf
The next on the left  is a Lotus with a flower above

and on the right a lotus with a star above of which I have no picture.

The next one on the left one are depicted nature beings

And on the right alder leaves
The next one the left is a lotus, but I have no picture

 on the right are acanthus leaves but they are tied at the top.
Now we come to the last ones facing us
on the left and right of the exit. On the left the "Wivres"
and of the left another lotus.

If we go back to the nave we can also go through the side aisles.
Lets go first through the northern aisle.
Somewhere on the norther wall is the centaur.

After the pillar with the wolf (9) Lotus with Star (7) we come to the pillar with the Alder (5) and on the north side of that pillar,we have a farmer and birds stealing the corn from the sheaves.

5 north

The next one on the pillar with the Acanthus tied (3) on the north side is a picture of flowers and bees.(Sorry no image)

If we go back to the nave and go through the southern aisle , then on the pillar with lotus and flower(8) we see 
8 south

And opposite on the southern wall two lions
8 opposite
On the next pillar with the nature beings(6) we see opposite on the south wall sunflowers
6 opposite
Then opposite the next pillar with the lotus leaves(4)
two eagles

Lets also look at the pillar 4 with the Easter scene as it was hidden when we walked through the centre aisle; three women by the empty grave
4 right side
And then we meet the Waivers(2) again on the way out.
Istill have one image but have not worked out where it from.

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