Thursday, 2 July 2015

Rolling Stones

1964 Carol  Tell me Fade Away

First Album

It's all over now 1964

Part of second album 1965

Under the boardwalk

Last time

Play with fire


rolling stones The Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man

Out of our heads (1965)

This album (3rd) was not so good as the ones before but i really liked this one, although it might be a bit sentimental.

Get of my cloud


19th nervous breakdown

4th album Aftermath; one of the best albums I think

I realy liked; Stupid Girl, Lady Jane, Flight 505, High and Dry, Out of time and then the little hidden jewels of Doncha bother me and I am waitng. And then the rather peculiar Going Home.

And then came the famous single Paint it black.(May 1966)

And Lady Jane;What a jewel; even my aunty liked it!

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