Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Dutch popgroeps 1960's

My first memory about pop music was the song "Kom van het Dak af"  by Peter Koelewijn. I must have been about 6, when we were on the beach and my two older brother were imitating ,with sticks a guitars , the song.

When I was around 11 or 12 or so , we were fortunate that there was a rather progressive village council, but as we were situated around a tourist area (dunes,beeches and the sea) and so a few campings were around, this might also have played a role in inviting three well known pop groups in three successive years.
Rob Hoeke, Golden Earring and the Shoes;

This song my brothers might had as I can remember it after 50 years!

This kind of music I can remember from the first performance, like the next one; it must have been when I was 10 or 11(1964 probably) 

Golden Earring came the next year I think, that must have been 1965 (12 years old)
I cannot remember the music from that concert, but I remember the following tracks and some more, but these are the good ones I really liked. They are very original I think and typically Golden Earring.

That Day (1966)

Daddy, buy me a girl (1966)

Sound of the screaming day (1967)

I just lost somebody This was one of my favourites (1968)

And to my shame I then liked this one too; Dong dong diki diki dong; perhaps to show my mother that pop music was not too bad! (1968, 14 years old)
Just a Little Bit of Peace in My Heart (1968)

Then I lost touch with this kind of music.

The Shoes came next year (1966)



Other popgroeps  were the outsiders

Monkey on you back

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